Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

yes, I know Thanksgiving was yesterday, lol. But we are doing it today! I have everything ready to cook, just waiting for the right time. I want to take a minute and express my thanks: to begin with God, for giving me such a wonderful family and teaching me to take things as they come. I have learned a lot over the past two years! Next, my family! My husband who has stood next me and learned the same lessons with me! We all need a teammate, right? Torie-you are not just living with a congenital heart defect & Di George Syndrome-you are thriving with them! You are such a fighter. You make me proud everyday by learning something new and making me realize that you are capable of so much more than what the crazy genetics dr said-forget her! lol
Kim-for all the babysitting you do! you make me strive to be a good mom and aunt! You have done so much, from babysitting to making me want to learn to sew, haha. Thank you for all the extra things like hair bows and dresses you have made. Who ever thought I would become a "pageant mom"?!?
my parents-without them I wouldn't be here lol.
There are so many others to thanks, but my oven is ready for our turkey!
To those of you who are apart of my life, Thank you! I promise, in 1 way or more you have touched my life and my family's. We are truly thank full for all that we have!
God Bless!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My birthday!

Friday was my birthday and I had a great day. My boss remembered my birthday and brought a cake and a gift-wilton cake decorating stuff! I was excited because I love decorating Torie's birthday cakes myself. Then, I got to Kim's to pick up Torie and they gave me sewing stuff! Woo hoo. It seems like I'm turning into suzy homemaker, and that's okay with me. My husband sent flowers to my work and gave a more when I got home. Look out Goody's! The weekend con't with a new hair cut and driving to Nashville to look at Christmas lights. Torie's "wow!" was so great to hear and the look in her eyes was incredible. My two year old was in awe of the lights and I was of her. Thanks to my family and friends who made this weekend so great...including the dinner at Rain Forest-hey, I didn't turn too red when they sang to me! Lol.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've been tagged too!

Thanks Kim! I do not have the hang of this yet, and you tagged me?!? lol. I am suppose to list seven weird , unusual , or fun facts about myself. Hmmm.
1. I have been training martial arts for 10 years!!
2. I want more kids-i think that's weird considering all we have been thru.
3.I throw all of my laundry together with Torie's. lol. Sorry sis..
4. I enjoy cooking.
5. I miss my little dragons
6. I am looking forward to helping our church in the new children's dept!
7. hmm. that last one should be good right? even though my family and I have been thru heck and back with Torie's health problems-I am truly happy she is ours. She has taught us a GREAT deal about life in her two years, and I love seeing her grow and thrive after all she has been thru.

on to photo stuff!
I spent a few hours with a good friend taking photos of her. Ms Kacie is so photogenic and we had a ton of fun just hanging out together. After she views them this weekend, I am going to upload a few. I can't all of them cause we got 204 pics that day! lol. I also spend a hr or so taken pics of Mr Green. He will view his this weekend also and hopefully I can post a few of his.