Saturday, September 25, 2010

surgery day!

Monday we have to travel to Vandy Children's hospital for Torie's tonsil and adnoid surgery. I know she doesn't fully understand what is happening. I talked to her about it, and showed her the video on the hospital website. It did not go well. Torie did not like seeing the pictures of the nurses and doctors in scrubs and masks. I had to turn off the video. I feel the stress of next week. I know Torie is not ready for this. The only thing she wants to do is see the trains in the hospital. I am thinking of asking the doctors if I can have some of their "happy juice" when Torie gets some!! We have to be at Vandy at 6am, so we are leaving around 4 AM!! I am packing our suitcase tonight, just to give myself time to make sure we have everything. I have Torie's school work for next week because I know she won't be going to school for several days. I have stocked up on pedisure, pop sickles, pudding, and gogurts and Tylenol and Motrin. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to them. Anything that will help her feel better/recover easier is always welcome!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun times.

I found a leapfrog dvd about letters and Torie loves it! She walks around the house now saying all her sounds. It has been a great learning tool for her. We also have talking words factory which has been a hit as well.
We spent about an hr at River Front Park this past Wed. Torie loved playing in the sand. I told her to smile so I could take her picture..this is what I got. Miss Sassy!

Don't be fooled by the swing...she was really splashing the puddle beneath it! Any yes, I let her! It was nice to see her run around and play.

It was fun times. I am glad the weather is cooling so we can spend more time outside. I love the fall, the pumpkins and pretty colors on the trees..I can't wait to take pictures!