Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

more pictures

Torie found this hat in her cubbie @ WestWood Day School, after her class party. She thought it was the greatest thing, giggled and giggled about it!

Paul had just finished working out and opened a protein drink. Torie told us she needed some too! She is so funny.
One of her new favorite Christmas gifts; A small Laptop that works on letters and numbers & even has a few games.

Another favorite gift was Uno Moo! She likes to play "farmer" and we have played it several times since Friday.
After spending Christmas eve in the peds office for a double ear infection, Torie is finally finished with her meds.. Now, if only we can get back into a sleep routine.....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

finally...some pics

This year, I was really hoping Torie would be more willing for me to take her picture in her Christmas dress. Her dress is a HealthTex Dress and I love it! This brand is too cute-and their logo is age appropriate clothing,which I love.
Torie enjoys decorating the Christmas tree. Lights were her favorite this year.

After lunch and opening gifts, Torie was ready for some of my rainbow cake. I wish I had taken a pic of the cake...it was layers of blue, purple, pink & yellow. It turned out just like the picture.

One of my favorite poses.

in charcoal. I really like this, but am working on a different texture for it as well. Hoping to have that one up soon.

Monday, December 7, 2009

So funny!

Last weekend Torie was helping feed the dogs. She knows Alexa is her dog, and just loves the idea of having her "own" dog. But Torie still enjoys playing with the other 2 dogs. After helping Paul give out treats to all 3, Torie excitedly tells me " Momma, I helped feed miss Alexa!" Now, I don't know why she added miss, but I thought it was cute. "you did?" I asked. Torie replies " uh hu. and Miss Apollo." Really miss Apollo? hmm. sure he appreciated that! " yeah, and Miss Andre too!"
I couldn't help but smile. Apollo and Andre, both boys, suddenly have "miss" in front of their names! I don't have recent pics of them, but here is a pics of Miss Alexa.

This is the pic that was petfinder.com...how we came across this wonderful dog. She was at a rescue shelter, just waiting for someone to save her. Although I still can't be live I talked Paul into making that drive! But totally worth it. Alexa is so gentle with Torie. And very smart. After her sutures came out (cause they spayed her before we picked her up), I began training her. Since she is truly Torie's dog, I want Torie to be part of the training. How does a child with Speech Problems train a dog? Glad you asked! I use hand motions instead! Torie stands beside me, and follows along. I say the command, along with using my hand motion. So simple. And how cool was it when Torie used only her hand and Alexa followed the command? VERY!! Two very smart girls, if I say so myself. I can't wait until we get some warm weather so I can get pics of them playing. Alexa's fur has really gotten thick over the past few days, as had Apollo's. Husky's have beautiful coats! Andre is a black lab, so his is thicker, but not like the huskies!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

wow-another post!


Please visit this site. There is a lot information about CHDs.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

a video

See? I told you I had a cool video to put on here....or atleast the link. It's awesome. Please turn up your volume and grab the tissues. I only ask a couple things: 1-you watch the whole thing. 2 read it-even if you have to pause it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

would you let your child do this?

I would...except she's already had several (let's see 13 off hand).
This is just a wonderful idea. I am happy to someone trying to make a difference! Now, if only we could more local peds/pcps and the like to join the cause. I have an awesome video coming soon!